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[SIGPLUS_EXCEPTION_MEMORY] Δεν επαρκεί η μνήμη για την εκτέλεση της αιτηθείσης εργασίας στο %3$s, απαιτούνται %1$d bytes, είναι διαθέσιμα μόνο %2$d bytes.
[SIGPLUS_EXCEPTION_TIMEOUT] An execution time-out has been encountered while images were being generated. The maximum script execution time is server-specific. Exceeding the maximum execution time is typically the result of many images or a few excessively large images in a gallery. You may re-load the page to let sigplus continue the process. If you periodically get this error message, try reducing the number or size of images in the gallery. If you pass this stage, however, you can be sure your visitors will never encounter this error message, which is associated with an operation that is a one-time cost when a gallery is shown for the first time.
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    Αιμιλιανού Κυζίκου, Μύρωνος, Αναστασίου και Τριανταφύλλου νεομ.

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